Digital Marketing Opportunity & Alternative Career

Want to be an ecopreneur in Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing and Social Media?

OPTION 1 – A full time one-on-one 5 day program

Cost R30,000

We set you up in your own business, training you in web design & development, social media integration all on an entrepreneurial platform and this takes place in the Cape Winelands over 5 days. You will be the only person on the course as we focus to make you unique as a business servicing small and medium size businesses in digital marketing and social media. You will only need a laptop and thereafter will be able to work from any city in the world !! Our students have ranged from 21 years old to 70 and most have had no prior experience. The best ingredient for success is simply passion for design, social media and digital marketing.

OPTION 2 – A fully downloadable teach yourself program to enable you to become a web designer, web developer and digital marketer

Cost R980

Based on the success of the above program, we have converted the material to downloadable teach yourself material, where you can work at yoOnly R980ur own pace. This can take between a week and 4 weeks of part time energy, depending on your own schedule but is fully achievable within 10 days. The program aims to have your own business running on day 11. The course will leave you competent in being able to generate your own income by focusing on the needs of small and medium sized businesses who desperately need to build brand awareness and generate online leads. Students will need their own laptops/computers with internet access.

The program strongly focuses on the transition from employed to the self employed entrepreneur. We assume the candidate has no previous experience and/or has never owned his own business before. Candidates would need to display a desire to be an entrepreneur and to own his/her own business. There has never been a time where change has come so fast to marketing, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to help small and medium businesses grow their leads and sales to take advantage of these changing times.

Start building your own business in Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing and Social Media today.

Alt Career have created opportunities for Ecopreneurs who want to own their own businesses in Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development and Social Media. We run an entrepreneur program where we help you build a business of your choice. Most people have chosen to build a business as a web design, digital marketing and social media agency. Why? Because there is so much demand from small and medium size companies to generate leads, bring in inquiries, build brand awareness and increase their sales. Digital marketing is measurable, cost effective and in demand.

There are 2 programs

  1. A full time one-on-one 5 day program based in the Cape Winelands
  2. A fully downloadable teach yourself program to enable you to become a web designer, web developer and digital marketer

We will teach you all the technical skills, and at the same time jointly develop your own, brand, company and website, so you can offer clients a service in digital marketing. We focus strongly on entrepreneurial issues, coaching you to success, minimising your risks through the many years we have had as entrepreneurs.
Income streams from this business are both once off and on-going.

A fundamental shift has occurred in marketing (to find something comparable, you have to go back 500 years to the printing press, the birth of mass media – which, incidentally, is what really destroyed the old world of kings and aristocracies.) as a result of our changing world, and technology is shifting power away from editors, brand managers and companies, back to the consumers. The old marketing style was a monologue; the new digital marketing method is through a dialogue; for example Facebook pages where fans can voice their likes (or dislikes) of the brand directly to the brand managers or owners.

The only problem with the above scenario, is that companies and businesses haven’t changed the way they acquire new business and retain existing customers. That’s where you come in. Your business starts during your  training, and with the training and technology you will be given, you use the power of the internet to drastically improve your customers’ revenues. You will be able to generate cost effective leads for them, by your driving traffic to their websites in a cost effective and competitive manner. You will be able to turn their websites into lead generating machines and retain these customers as you manage their social media strategies.

Please register your interest on Alt Career by choosing the downloadable or 5 day course.

What entrepreneurs are saying:

I look at it as an empowerment course. It gave me the initiative and know-how to succeed in the digital marketing environment. I would love to have another week just to go through the growth experience again. All that I learnt I use and continuously build on. Alt career creates an environment perfect for absorbing and learning as much as possible and has helped develop and solidify the entrepreneur in me! Aidan 

The lecturer of Alt career is an excellent course facilitator. The course was informative, application-based and he sets the pace according to his ‘student’ which is ever so important when trying to grasp new concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to get into the digital marketing industry as you really will get the overall picture and learn how to implement that knowledge. Charlene

When I selected  Alt Career to be my trainer and mentor for a career in Digital Marketing and Social Media, I was not at all  surprised to find that they were completly professional with enormous depth of knowledge in the field. This after all is what you would expect when you are paying for training that will shape your entire future. The extra zing I got from Alt Career was their calm ability to sense my learning capabilities and to time and tailor the training content to suit my needs. A spinoff bonus was their gentlemanly willingness to share their profound knowledge of his field with no holding back. Thank you Alt Career!  I am stepping into an exciting new career with confidence.  Neal 

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