What is the best Alternative Career in South Africa

The best alternative career in South Africa has to be self employment. With a total of 6,8 best alt careermillion unemployed people in South Africa, according to Moneyweb, 2,2 million are discouraged work seekers and 4,6 million are actively looking for a job. Thats a lot of jobs to fill with few real solutions to tackle the issue.

One of the problems with self employment is the issue of sustainability and this is because even with the best products and services in self employment, the failure rate is very high. Many potential entrepreneurs fail simply because too little energy was spent in marketing. This is not excusable in this day when online marketing can save so many start-ups and newly self employed businesses. Never has marketing had such a valuable tool as the internet – so long as it is used properly.

Alt Career offer a business and business program where a potential entrepreneur can build a business of his own in becoming a digital entrepreneur (for as little as R980) and helping other new and small businesses get their products and services on the web through lead generating websites and the necessary digital strategies to enhance online marketing. Any new business or start-up could benefit from the program and many existing businesses are using Alt Career to learn the tricks to correctly market themselves in the online arena.

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