Ecopreneur seeks to partner with individuals or companies who wish to expand/grow/change into the next level. Ecopreneur also presents opportunities from time to time, usually ones that aspire to the principles of an Ecopreneur that consider the environment as well as people and profit in their mix.Do you have a sustainable business that seeks capital, a mentor or a digital marketing strategy? Contact us to explore the opportunities.

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Looking for an alternative career and own business?

Re-invent yourself and become a digital entrepreneur. Acquire new skills, help others improve their businesses as you run your own business as a digital consultant. All within 10 days and for only R980. Become the CEO of a Web Design, Web Development and online marketing company. Your own!

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Green Business Opportunity

Water Rhapsody, a water conservation systems company since 1994, is growing. We are now also innovating in water purification and energy. Exciting it is, but we need great people to join us as franchisees. Let us mentor you through a passion that will last a lifetime. There's never been a better time to start a green business. Climate change will ensure South Africans will face water shortages and high energy costs. Water Rhapsody provides solutions in rainwater harvesting

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rainwater harvesting franchisees Gauteng

Rainwater harvesting franchisees required urgently in Gauteng

The current drought situation and water outages in Gauteng has increased the demand for rainwater harvesting systems, to the extent that Water Rhapsody, the premium supplier of water conservation solutions, is in desperate need to find energetic potential franchisees. Water Rhapsody is poised to offer potential franchisees a very rewarding (both financially and in passion) […]

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Which Green Franchise to buy?

The answer to which green franchise to buy is the same as to the question, “Which Franchise to buy?” Fall In Love With The Work Not The Numbers Understanding the financials of a new franchise can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things for new entrepreneurs.  A franchise especially your own, can start out exciting as […]

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