At Ecopreneur we do just 3 things:
1. We invest into established companies, never seeking more than 50% of the company shareholding.
2. We offer business opportunities to entrepreneurs, where Ecopreneur has a stake in the company.
3. We mentor start-up businesses and upskill potential entrepreneurs through digital marketing and social media.

Latest News From Ecopreneur


Which Green Franchise to buy?

The answer to which green franchise to buy is the same as to the question, “Which Franchise to buy?” Fall In Love With The Work Not The Numbers Understanding the financials of a new franchise can be one of the most


Steve Jobs – The most creative period of my life.

One tends to forget, but 25 years ago things were really different. Your phone and computer—if you had one—were just tools, no more or less sexy than a filing cabinet. There was also no such thing in America as a


Should I quit my job to start my own business in South Africa

Starting my own business in South Africa? Lately a lot of people have been asking themselves just that question. It’s not easy to simply quit and it’s even harder to be successful on your own. But lets say you are

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